Seminars & Courses


A201, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, In-House Seminar, Delphi Construction
Waltham, MA

Making the Transition to Running your Own Firm, AIA National Convention
Dallas, TX

Proactive Professionalism: Using B141 to Sell Value, AIA National Convention
Dallas, TX

Copy Catting, AIA/Rochester
Rochester, NY

Copy Catting (with additional A511 Material), AIA/San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

Copy Catting, AIA/Nebraska
Omaha, NE

Ethics in Marketing, Lunch Seminar, Charlottesville/Albemarle AIA
Charlottesville, VA

Copy Catting, How to Avoid Being Sued, AIA/Louisianna
New Orleans, LA

The Young and the Restless, Texas Society of Architects/AIA
Galveston, TX

Residential Owner-Architect Agreements and The Young and the Restless, Building Virginia, Virginia Society of Architects/AIA
Richmond, VA

Starting and Running New Firms (Panelist),
Residential Design Owner-Architect Agreements: The Tricks and the Traps,
Copy Catting: Intellectual Property Principles and Rights
Ethics in Marketing: Architectural Services.
Build Boston ’99, Boston Society of Architects/AIA.

Boston, MA

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