How We Work

When we are contacted by an existing or potential client, we arrange a conference to learn what the client wants and needs. If appropriate, we raise additional, related matters for consideration. Having listened carefully to the client, it is our policy to document our understanding of the services to be provided and to reach agreements regarding such services, the associated schedule, and fees. It is impossible to guarantee the results in any matter brought to us, but we always work diligently on behalf of clients and strive to represent clients’ interests vigorously and efficiently.


It is our policy to keep clients informed about matters entrusted to us. We normally forward copies of all non-trivial correspondence and documents to clients for their information and records. Furthermore, our policy is to return all telephone calls within 24 hours.

We are acutely conscious of the need to be economical with resources. There is no substitute for hard work and adequate preparation, but we try to be cost effective without sacrificing quality. We strive to have work done by the least expensive person who is competent to handle it, and all work is reviewed by a principal of the firm before it is released.

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