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We represent architects, engineers, landscape architects, and other design professionals as well as building contractors and owners / developers. Our goal is to provide practical, economical services to the individuals and firms that work in the design and construction industry. We concentrate on preventing legal problems, principally through intelligent contract preparation and subsequent contract administration. Mr. Heuer is an architect and an attorney in both Massachusetts and Virginia and is nationally recognized as an expert on the AIA Documents as well as risk management and professional liability.


The Heuer Law Group was founded by Charles R. Heuer in 1986 to provide legal services to individuals and firms in the building industry. Mr. Heuer perceived that his intimate knowledge of the procedures, relationships and creative processes at work in the building industry (gained in part through many years experience as a registered architect) combined with excellent legal skills, would be stronger than the sum of the parts.

That perception has been a guiding principle of the Heuer Law Group from its beginning. Our practical experience with design practices and construction business operations gives us critical insight and allows us to offer a proactive approach to our clients’ legal needs. In that sense we can often function much like in-house counsel. Our understanding of the building industry frequently enables us to foresee legal and practical difficulties that our clients might face in their business. By working with them on a regular basis, we are able in many cases to efficiently and inexpensively prevent or minimize the effects of such circumstances.


The Heuer Law Group has rapidly become a leader in providing original thinking and specialized advice and services to clients who own develop, design and construct improvements to real estate. Our clients appreciate:

  • Our preventive approach – which tends to maximize the impact of the dollars they spend on legal services.
  • Our knowledge of the design and construction industry – which tends to minimize the dollars they spend “educating” us about their needs and problems, and
  • Our creative, constructive approach to solving unavoidable problems – which tends to minimize the cost of disruptions and non-productive activities.

We are focused on the building industry and the individuals and the companies who operate in it. Thus, the Heuer Law Group remains a vital resource to our clients and the industry.


Clients expect our attorneys and staff to be highly skilled and excellent in their professional endeavors. They are. Beyond that, they are good people–sensible, practical, easy to interact with. We want our clients to be comfortable working with us on a personal and professional basis. Furthermore, we want to make favorable impressions on behalf of our clients. We believe it is possible to represent a client’s interests zealously without being disagreeable.

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